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Aside from mass messages, monthly updates and announcements will be made here.
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The information on how to apply will be placed here, so be sure to use the character biography sheet provided! ♡
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This is where you may post your plotters (plots you are looking for) and RP requests.
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Word says that the delinquents of this school are the cause of a major catastrophe that shook the country. This school is reknown for their mass reproduction of delinquents, their students' uncouth nature, all amplified by their common saying, "God can't save us now."
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Only students enrolled in Mirinae may enter by stepping on the water and crossing the 'Silver River'. The River will drown those who do not have any permission to enter. All Mirinae students are known for their hard working nature, and they believe that at the end of hardships comes happiness.
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优越中学 are famed for their elusive and exclusive screening process. Only the best can enter, and finally, they believe that wherever they go, they should go with all their heart.
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City of the Kings

The Forest might be dangerous, but the streets arguably moreso. City life is the most prevalent here. This is where the Street Kings wander about the city along with the Mafias, the Yakuza, and the beautiful allure of the nightlife. Be careful when it's late out.
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This is where the beasts roam. Made beautiful by it's large, canopy-like leaves, filtering the golden sunlight from streaming in, the forest is home to beasts, foliage and animals alike. Do be careful at dusk and dawn; this is when the beasts are the most active.
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There are mountains located north of the City; where snowflakes dance on your fingertips and gentle snow creatures scurry about. It's always, always snowing, and god only knows what kind of mysteries exist within it's silvery peaks.
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The Labyrinth is the intricate, underground maze. Word says that a student of Rixe built it, and monsters from Cerberus to the Minotaur exist. They are hungrier than ever, and many that ventured in don't come out alive.
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This is where events will be run by staff. Unfortunately, many of the locations seemed mysterious, even baffling. Survive, and you will be rewarded.
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Haunting music will drift softly from the ocean, but no one can locate the source. Legend states that the ghosts of pirates still wander about and Sirens are very much alive...
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The Cathedral draws attention, not by it's beauty, but by the inexplicable pull it wields. The dominant emotion of each person that enters will manifest immensely as they enter, and so will their Qi energy. It's walls cannot be broken--it's the last resort, the last stand, the last line of defense.
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Seemingly a fable, the clock is named "La Rêverie". It represents the past and the future of Stranger Than Fiction; Alternate Universe and stories of the past can be roleplayed here.
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This has become a tradition for the entire city. The school will host fight tournaments, and the citizens will observe, cheer, and perhaps, even some illegal gangs involved in the sidelines. No one needs to know.
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The internet can be a vicious place. Chatrooms, games, and several things will spring up overnight. but this is used as the main source of information about the on-goings of the city. However, the truth and false can be easily muddled, and remember- they can see your internet history.
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Do you need to leave for something, or wants to say hello? This is a place to do it! Posting in the station will allow you an extended time for the monthly activity check, and ensure that your inactive threads won't be archived.
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You may share your graphics, literature, and templates etc. here. There are writing resources available as well, just in case you need inspiration! This board is private, to prevent any theft of original work.
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From Hot or Not, to Not or Hot, we have many games to play, when your muse doesn't seem to be working for the day! (see the rhyme. See what I did there.)
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Affiliations, first times, and link backs can be found in here. Please put them in the appropriate categories. Any advertisement found outside of this board will be deleted immediately.
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